Wildfire hits popular resort town of Türkiye, Marmaris again

A forest fire broke out in the Turkish port city of Marmaris, a tourist destination on the Aegean Sea, on Wednesday. The fire broke out in the Yalancıboğaz area of ​​Marmaris, located in the southwestern province of Muğla. However, the cause of the fire is still unknown.

Strong winds fueled the fire. Fifteen helicopters and eight planes dumped water on the blaze, while 500 forest officers, 40 tankers and police water cannons worked on the ground to put out the blaze while holidaymakers on a beach in a few kilometers of the area affected by the forest fires watched them. The fire occurred near a naval base and military fire engines and personnel responded to the blaze to prevent the flames from reaching the base. Locals with water tanks also helped the crews by towing them with their tractors.

Last summer, fires fueled by strong winds and scorching temperatures tore through forests in Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean regions, including Marmaris, killing at least eight people and countless animals.

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