Tourist arrested for driving Hyundai i20 in the sea in Goa


Earlier, covered a video of a Hyundai i20 floating in the sea. The sea is not a place to drive a vehicle. We’ve seen a Toyota Fortuner drive across the beach before. According to new reports, the i20 has been leased and now the driver has been arrested. The tourist was driving on Morjim Beach in Goa and was arrested by Pernem police.

The i20’s tires got stuck due to the soft sand. Video of the stranded sedan has already gone viral on the internet. The driver’s name was Bishwad and he was convicted of reckless and negligent driving. It was a risk to people who were already on the beach.

You should not drive a two-wheel drive vehicle, especially a front-wheel drive vehicle in such situations. Tires can easily lose grip on loose sand because they cannot find grip. Also, in this case, the waves would have damaged the engine. There would also be damage to other vital components. Modern vehicles depend on many electrical components to function and as we know electrical devices are not water friendly.

Once damaged by water, repair work would be very expensive. The water, once in the air intake, will reach the engine. The engine would become hydro-locked. The assembly will be open and a thorough cleaning would be necessary. So, the person would have to spend a lot of money to rebuild the engine and replace the damaged components.

Modern vehicles are also equipped with various sensors that detect if water is entering the engine. Thanks to the sensor, the engine automatically shuts off to prevent additional water from entering the engine. Now the engine is not running and you will be stuck. The only option to get out of the situation is to call someone who can tow the vehicle.

There are a lot of factors that decide if the vehicle can get stuck. It depends on the transmission, 4 × 4 system, type of tires, horsepower and torque, ground clearance, etc. Even suitable 4 × 4 vehicles can jam if not driven properly.

Hyundai i20

Tourist arrested for driving Hyundai i20 in the sea in Goa

The Korean manufacturer launched the new generation of the i20 last year. They also recently launched the new N Line variants of the i20. The premium sedan rivals the Toyota Glanza, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Volkswagen Polo, Tata Altroz ​​and Honda Jazz.

The i20 starts at Rs. 6.91 lakhs exposure and goes up to Rs. 11.40 lakhs ex-showroom. It is offered to Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta (O). There are rumors that a new base, the Era variant, will also be added to the lineup.

Hyundai offers three engine options. There is a naturally aspirated gasoline engine, a turbocharged gasoline engine and a diesel engine. The turbo gasoline engine and the naturally aspirated gasoline engine have an automatic gearbox option while the diesel engine is only offered with a manual gearbox.

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