The idiots stuck BMW on the beach because they didn’t want to transport a kayak

A local had to come up to the rescue after a pair of tourists overturned their car on a beach because they couldn’t be bothered carrying their kayak from the parking lot – and got stuck all night. Mark Moseley was driving past Swanpool Beach in Falmouth early on Sunday afternoon (May 1) when he spotted two men trying to get their BMWs out of the gravel and sand just above the tide line.

The engineer who lives in the area had checked out the surf for a quick boogie session and decided to stop instead and give the pair from Guildford a hand. He said: “The two guys said they came last night and couldn’t care less about getting their kayak from the parking lot to the sea, so they decided to back the car up onto the beach even though there is a sign asking people not to drive any vehicle on the beach. Guess what? They got stuck all night.

The car park is just across the road, less than 20 meters from the waters edge. The 54-year-old grandfather-of-four added: ‘They were lucky they backed their car to just above the tide line and the sea didn’t cover it or push it any further .”

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Mark, who builds engines for a living, said he was driving past the beach when he noticed the two men desperately trying to free their car with a pair of shovels with no success as the more they tried to drive away, the more they buried their car. in the sand. He said when he spoke to them they told him they would be spending the whole night trying to move the BMW.

Mark Moseley, a local Falmouth man, pulled two Guildford men out of the sand at Swanpool Beach in Falmouth after they could not be disturbed carrying their kayak from the car park across the road down to the sea and decided to backtrack to the beach instead and got stuck there all night

He added: “There was another guy who was about to drive onto the beach to try and free them but I told him not to bother as I have a big 4×4 and he would have gotten stuck too. I I’ve never done a beach rescue like this before, but I’ve helped people out of ditches and such before, so I have the whole kit in the car.

“After a few tugs, they broke free. The funny thing is, the lady at the cafe by the beach said she saw three cars stuck on the beach in one place last year – all BMWs. Maybe it’s a BMW thing. She even called the police to report the vehicle stolen, but I think it was two harmless guys who didn’t quite realize what they were doing and they were going to get stuck on the beach All night long.

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