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On August 19, 2021, the chipped bulk carrier M / V “NAVIOS AMARYLLIS” (GT 32 415 – DWT 58 735) ran aground on the Rasfari reef in the North Malé atoll, in the Maldives. The ship was on a voyage from Tuticorin, India, to Saldanha Bay, South Africa, in ballast.
On the same day, Tsavliris mobilized tugs, namely AHTS “VIRGO” (13,500 BHP – BP 155) and “’MAHA WEWA” (3,148 BHP – BP 45) from Sri Lanka to his aid. Rescue services have become a major operation. Tsavliris assembled a fleet of support vessels (several high-speed workboats, two landing craft, two barges, a forklift, crane trucks, etc.). In addition, a range of recovery equipment was airlifted from Dubai and Athens (including hydraulic pumps and accompanying hoses, powertrains, as well as air compressors, pollution control booms, skimmers, dyneema ropes, drones, etc.).
All necessary environmental precautions have been adopted to protect the environmentally sensitive area, including surrounding the vessel with a large inflatable boom. Tsavliris cooperated closely with local authorities and hired first-rate subcontractors, including the environmental pollution specialist “Polygreen” (Polyeco Group).
Before refloating the vessel, around 1,600 tonnes of bunker fuel and lubricants were transferred from the lower tanks to the upper tanks to avoid any risk of pollution. The underwater crack sealing was undertaken by the diving team.
On August 29, the vessel was successfully refloated without an oil spill and was anchored in the anchorage area of ​​the Male VLCC. Tsavliris prepared the vessel for ocean towing to repair the yard.
The vessel dragged several times due to adverse weather conditions (8-9B) but was quickly supported / stabilized by the AHT “VIRGO which remains alongside the vessel pending departure under tow.

Source: Salvage of Tsavliris

Rescue / survey vessel “OCEAN INVESTIGATOR”

In September, Tsavliris organized the towing of the rescue / investigation vessel “OCEAN INVESTIGATOR” (GT 3327 – DWT 2690) from Ambelaki, Salamis Island, Greece, to the Tuzla shipyard, Turkey, for maintenance. /repairs.
Tsavliris shipped the AHTS “FOTEINI Z” (GT 495 – BHP 5,150)
from Piraeus and towing began on September 3. Due to unfavorable weather conditions (gales of 8 B and waves of 4 m.), The convoy changed course on September 6 in order to take shelter for two days in the area south of “Turkli Adasi & Pasalimani Adasi “.
During the passage through the Canakkale Strait, a coastal security tug provided escort services. The convoy arrived at its destination on September 10 and the operation was successfully completed on September 12.

Anchoring Hellas Motor Oil Refinery

In September 2021, Tsavliris was mandated by Motor Oil Hellas (Vardinogiannis Group) to assist it with its new project: an offshore anchorage at the energy group’s refinery, located in Agioi Theodoroi, Corinth, Greece.
Motor Oil had installed 14 large-scale anchors (linked in groups by a ballast to a mooring buoy) to accommodate large vessels up to the size of the ULCC; one of the rare ports in the Mediterranean to be able to accommodate such a capacity.
Tsavliris deployed the AHTS “LEADER Z” (BP 130 – BHP 11 040), in collaboration with the tug Zouros, for the stress tests of the anchoring system of the mooring buoys (pulling each anchor at more than 125 tons ). During the procedure, two of the anchors were dislocated and had to be reinstalled securely.
It was a complicated project involving additional safety measures and special calculations. The operation was successfully completed on October 10.

Source: Salvage of Tsavliris

Gear container ship “ALION”

In September 2021, the Geared Container Vessel “ALION” (16,800 DWT – 13,764) GT, loaded with 548 containers, suffered a main engine failure off Duqm, Oman. During the incident, the ship was on a voyage from Mumbai, India, then Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, to Mombasa, Kenya. Four armed guards were on board due to passage through a high-risk piracy zone.
On September 21, Tsavliris dispatched the AHT “TEJA” from his rescue station to Duqm to aid the casualty, who at the time was adrift in the Arabian Sea, about 320 miles away. the east of the island of Socotra.
The tug arrived at the casualty position on September 24, but due to adverse weather conditions (wind / waves / swell) the tow connection was interrupted due to cable and wing damage. The towing was completed the next day and the towing to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, began.
On September 25, professional agents were appointed by Tsavliris to provide tug and towing assistance at the Port of Sharjah. On October 2, the four armed guards disembarked from the ship aboard their designated armory ship OPL Fujairah.
On October 3, the Tsavliris organized an assist tail tug before approaching the congested anchorage area. On October 5, the convoy arrived safe and sound at the port of Mina Khalid, Sharjah, and with the help of pilots (sea pilot) and harbor tugs (all organized by rescuers), the ship docked at North Wharf. On October 6, the tow rope was disconnected and the operation was successfully completed.
Source: Salvage of Tsavliris

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