Paradip Port is prepared for any eventuality


As cyclonic storm ‘Yaas’ is expected to trigger heavy downpours accompanied by high-speed winds in the locality, the Paradip Port Trust (PPT) “is fully prepared to face any eventuality,” said TPP chairman Vinit. Kumar, while interacting with PPT. during a video conference on Monday.

The drains of the locality were cleared on the basis of war in order to avoid any possible congestion. Four PPT teams with chainsaws and chargers are on standby during the cyclone to clear roads due to possible uprooting of trees. As a precaution, no arrival movement of ships was authorized from May 23. The port was only planning the outward movement of ships which was completed on May 24. All operations will be completed and the port was cleared of all personnel on the morning of May 25th. All ships have been instructed to pick up anchor and go to sea. All Coast Guard ships and the DCI XX dredge in port have also been ordered to go to sea.

The other boats and tugs that will remain in the port will be equipped 24 hours a day to assist with their moorings with the main engines ready to operate at all times. Equipment and machinery in areas under construction will be secured. Mobile harbor cranes at all berths, including the one at PICT, will also be secured. SPM tankers have already been dropped after the pipelines were flushed. A control room operates 24 hours a day at gate 4 from May 24 in the morning until the cyclone passes and returns to normal.

A medical team and an ambulance will be available to respond to any medical emergency. Five cyclone shelters have been activated, where around 2,000 people from the slums and lower areas will be accommodated with social distancing standards. They will receive a dry ration, cooked food, drinking water, face masks and disinfectants. As per the message from the Chief Minister, TPP Vice Chairman AK Bose insisted not to lose his life in an upcoming natural disaster.

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