Orion begins installing the Hollandse Kust West Alpha jacket

DEME ship Orion began the installation of the jacket foundation for the Hollandse Kust West Alpha platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.


The jacket set sail from the port of Vlissingen to the offshore construction yard aboard a pontoon towed by the Before 20 tug on August 14, a few weeks after unloading at the Heerema Fabrication Group yard.

The jacket was transported to its designated location about 50 kilometers off Egmond aan Zee, where Orion will lift the jacket and place it on the seabed.

The jacket will then be secured by four piles driven more than 50 meters into the seabed. The piles are installed through large 10 meter tubes which are connected to the legs of the jacket. According to TenneT, filling the space between the piles and the tubes with cement will strengthen the connection in such a way that the platform can withstand even the strongest storm in the North Sea.

Prior to installation, a large bed of stones was placed on the seabed to create a firm, flat foundation and ensure that the bottom under the jacket is not washed away by the seawater flow.

With regular maintenance, the structure has a minimum lifespan of 40 years, the company said.

The Hollandse Kust West Alpha platform top will be fitted over the jacket next year.

The platform will be operational from 2024, when it will be able to connect 700 MW of offshore wind capacity to the Dutch grid.

The foundation for the jacket was built by Heerema Fabrication Group in Vlissingen on behalf of Smulders and Equans, suppliers of all platforms for the Hollandse Kust Noord, West Alpha and West Beta projects.

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