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The Oregon State Marine Board to partner with 32 County Sheriff’s Offices and Oregon State Police to search for expired powerboat records in targeted annual exercise “Operation Ship Shape”, August 7th and 8th.

If you own a powerboat in Oregon, it’s time to check your “OR” numbers on the front of your boat (bow) and make sure you’ve applied your current registration decals. OR numbers are a boat’s license plate, and registration decals are the labels that tell naval officers if your boat is legally registered and who owns it, such as motor vehicles. Entries are valid for two calendar years.

“Oregon’s boating infrastructure is fully funded by boaters, so it’s very important that every boater is currently registered,” says Randy Henry, Boating Safety Program Manager for the Marine Board. “On August 7 and 8, we are checking everyone whose stickers have expired or whose numbers are unreadable. “

The Marine Board is funded by registration, property rights and marine fuel taxes paid by motor boaters.

No lottery fees, general funds, or parking at local facilities are used to fund agency programs. These fees accrue to boaters in the form of boat launches, docks, trailer parking spaces, washrooms, construction and maintenance, and boating safety – the enforcement services of the maritime law.

“Any boat powered by an engine – electric, gasoline, diesel or steam, and all sailboats 12 feet and over – must be currently registered while on the water, even when moored or moored.” , said Henry. This includes drifting boats, inflatable rafts, paddle boards or floating tubes with an electric motor.

“Each boat registration brings in additional funds from the motor boat fuel tax and federal boating dollars. Registering a 16ft boat provides funding of $ 100.20, but generates additional matching funds of almost $ 190, so this registration fee generates $ 267 in disposable income to fund the facilities. and maritime law enforcement, ”he said.

Henry reminds boaters that if they have just purchased their boat or are in the process of registering it, be sure to wear the temporary registration and present it to shipping agents, just like the vehicle registration.

Boaters can renew their motor boat registration online or by visiting their local registration agent. Boaters can print a temporary permit after successfully completing their online transaction.

A registrar will issue a temporary permit for an additional fee. If you need help renewing online, please contact the Marine Board at [email protected] or 503-378-8587.

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