One Piece: 10 Unlovable Characters Fans Have Fallen In Love With

A play features a large and colorful cast with dynamic character arcs, complex personality traits, and compelling struggles as they work towards their dreams of adventure. While many characters are loved by fans, a number didn’t start out that way.

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Whether acting badly without redeeming qualities or possessing attributes considered irritating, some characters rub viewers the wrong way when they first appear. It is often only after further character development and/or subsequent reappearance in the story that viewers’ opinions of these characters change enough to qualify them as fan favorites.

ten Ussop thrives after paying attention to his inferiority complex

Usopp and Luffy fight over the Going Merry - One Piece

Usopp is a controversial character when he first appeared. Although he proves himself with his determination and protection towards those he loves, his tendency to lie, his comic relief status and his cowardice make many viewers wish he was gone. However, the Water 7 arc focuses on Usopp’s self-awareness and insecurities. When Luffy intends to leave Going Merry behind, Usopp rebels against Luffy, projecting his own issues of being useless and challenging Luffy to one of the most heartbreaking duels in the series. The resulting split helps Usopp come to terms with his shortcomings and self-improvement before he begs for forgiveness and later joins the Straw Hats.

9 Princess Vivi reveals her status as an undercover agent

live a room

Appearing during the Whiskey Peak arc, Miss Wednesday is known only as one of many obstructive Baroque Works bounty hunters who target unsuspecting pirates and serve as antagonists to the Straw Hats.

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Midway through the arc, however, Miss Wednesday is revealed to be a double agent, her true identity being the benevolent Princess Vivi Nefertari of Alabasta. She went undercover two years before investigating the source of the civil war in her beloved country. She is quickly targeted by the main villain of the Alabasta Saga, Mr. 0, or Crocodile, and is taken under the protection of the Straw Hats as they swear to bring her home and help save her. .

8 Bellamy grows beyond arrogant bully

Bellamy first appears as a selfish bully who rigs the odds in his favor and defeats the pirates he deems inferior, including Luffy and Zoro, who only allow his victory as they initially see him as not worth it. sadness. Bellamy brags that the world is not made for dreamers and overestimates his skills with the Spring-Spring Fruit until Luffy finally beats him with one punch in defense of Mont Blanc Cricket. After being humiliated and chastised by his idol Doflamingo, Bellamy’s cruelty lessens when he reappears. His pain when Doflamingo rejects him and marks him for death is overwhelming and although Bellamy survives, he retires from the pirate life completely.

7 Franky’s Story Shows His Straw Hat-Worthy Talent and Dreams

Franky from One Piece with Pluto's plans

In his first appearance, Water 7’s Franky is nothing more than a loud and eccentric annoyance. He continually challenges the Straw Hats and throws obstacles in their way when they have bigger issues to deal with and his theft of their money causes the temporary rift between Usopp and Luffy. However, the reveal of his true identity as shipbuilder Cutty Flam turns the character on its head by revealing his plot-relevant connection to Iceberg and CP9 and the depth of his character, which is further explored in his backstory. His dreams of adventure and ship design make him a worthy addition to the Straw Hats, definitely redeeming the character.

6 Nami stops using physical violence

Nami from One Piece holding Clima-Tact

Often the Straw Hats’ healthiest character that gets them into shape, the navigator Nami nonetheless garners mixed reviews from viewers. While many adore her prominent role among the Straw Hats, tragic backstory, and strong personality, others sometimes find Nami’s behavior questionable, especially her physically violent actions towards Luffy when making choices with whom she disagrees or when he is slow. . His lack of fighting ability is another contributing factor to his divided reception. Luckily, the time jump between Paradise and the New World works in Nami’s favor as her violent tendencies decrease but her combat skills increase.

5 Galdino returns as a buggy pirate

Mr. 3, One Piece

Baroque Works’ Agent Galdino, or Mr. 3, is memorable for his Devil Fruit Wax-Wax and his near success in killing Zoro, Vivi, and Nami during the Little Garden Arc by turning them into wax statues. Only the efforts of Karoo and Usopp prevent their deaths and Mr. 3 continues to be an antagonist even after Crocodile tries to get rid of him for failure.

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Galdino is captured by the Marines and sent to Impel Down where he reappears when Luffy arrives looking for his brother. His teaming up with Luffy and his recruitment by the Buggy Pirates all result in a more helpful and loyal dynamic.

4 Crocodile assists the heroes of Marineford

Crocodile gloats again in one piece

The ultimate villain of the Alabasta arc, Crocodile played multiple sides against each other while maintaining a flawless public persona for himself so he could rush past the debilitating war and claim the country for himself. -even on the pretext of forming a newer and healthier government. He nearly kills Luffy in battle twice and cements himself as an indomitable villain whose just merits are long overdue in Luffy’s hands. Surprisingly, he makes a memorable return during Impel Down and provides valuable assistance in Ace’s rescue attempt, a turn of events that redeems his character.

3 Paulie is obstructive and brutal but proves to be heroic

Water Paulie 7

Paulie doesn’t immediately evoke sympathy from viewers as he runs away from debt collectors due to his gambling addiction. money from the Straw Hats and instead of giving it back, decides to keep it for his own purposes. He then threatens the Straw Hats, believing them guilty of the Iceburg assassination attempt. But when CP9 arrives, Paulie is the only top shipbuilder who isn’t a mole, showing his loyalty to Iceburg and his underlying good heart as he fights to defend Water 7, the Straw Hats, and Iceberg society.

2 Helmeppo is improving away from his spoiled upbringing

Notorious for his spoiled upbringing and bratty man-child demeanor, Helmeppo is featured stopping a little girl from feeding a tied up Zoro and cruelly trampling his rice balls into the dirt. After his father, Captain Morgan, is held responsible for his illegal behavior, Helmeppo is forced to fend for himself in the Marines while feeling sorry for himself.

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After finding motivation through camaraderie with Coby, Helmeppo is inspired to finally stand up to his immoral father, earning them both a personal mentor in Admiral Garp who oversees their Navy training. Helmeppo eventually rises to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, solidifying his character progression.

1 Hachi guides the Straw Hats through the Sabaody Archipelago

Hachi is the stupid servant of the vile Arlong, who murdered Nami’s adoptive mother and terrorized her village since childhood. By far the dumbest and most well-meaning of all the Fishmen, Hachi is always an obstacle for the Straw Hats during the Arlong Park arc. He shows loyalty to Arlong, expressing his outrage at being tricked by Zoro and hurting his friends. When Hachi returns for the Sabaody Archipelago and Fish-Man Island arcs, he is now an ally of the Straw Hat, defending and reconciling with them, no doubt aided by Arlong’s absence and his behavior. naturally friendly.

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