Oleg Butkovic offers a Croatia-Albania ferry line between Zadar and Durres


July 18, 2021 – Minister of Maritime Affairs Oleg Butkovic recently visited neighboring Albania, specifically Tirana, where the suggestion to introduce a Croatia-Albania ferry line between the Croatian port of Zadar and the Albanian port of Durres has been proposed.

As Morski writes, earlier this week Minister Oleg Butkovic paid an official visit to the Republic of Albania, where he met Belinda Belluku, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Albania, and Blendi Klosi, Minister of Tourism and Environmental Protection.

In the meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, all the key issues of transport connectivity, the importance of the inclusion of Albania in the pan-European corridors, the possibility of transferring the experience and Croatian knowledge of the process of integration into the EU and in the field of transport was opened up.

Minister Butkovic stressed that the cooperation of all countries on the traffic in the Adriatic-Ionian corridor is necessary, in particular in the technical part of the development of future roads. This cooperation includes technical assistance linked to a better understanding of European transport and infrastructure policies, but also a better use of EU funds.

Speaking about her ministry’s plans and the need to rebuild the Albanian rail network, Minister Balluku underlined Albania’s interest in continuing training of personnel in the region. In addition, the minister announced that the Albanian side has provided funds for the construction of the Albanian section of the corridor and that it is realistic to expect work on the project to start in the spring of next year. , and the estimated deadline for construction is three years.

Road links between Croatia and Albania, a chance for the introduction of a Croatia-Albania ferry line?

Minister Butkovic stressed the need for alternative solutions for the connections between the two neighboring nations. In this regard, it was proposed to form a working group that will work on the preparation of the agreement and the establishment of a direct air route between Tirana and Zagreb, and that is not all.

The creation of a Croatia-Albania ferry line is in the interest of both parties, and the Croatian side has proposed the creation of the Zadar-Durres ferry line, and on this subject a meeting and a visit to the port of Durres took place, where talks were held with representatives of the port, all also interested in expanding its capacity by connecting with neighboring countries.

Assistance to Albanians to solve marine litter problem

In a meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Environmental Protection, Blendi Klosi, Minister Butkovic proposed the launch of measures and activities to prevent potential marine pollution from marine litter in cooperation with Croatia , Montenegro and Albania.

In addition to this, the possibility of developing programs was also discussed. Through such programs, the Croatian side would provide further professional and technical assistance to solve the problem of marine litter from land and ships generated in Albania, as well as the development of projects aimed at strengthening administrative capacity in this important segment.

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