Ola S1 electric scooter goes into reverse mode without warning, goes up to 102 km/h: watch

In just a few months since deliveries began, the Ola S1 electric scooter has gone from one of the country’s most anticipated scooters to the most infamous. Pouring into the sea of ​​complaints that were already flooding social media was a recent incident in Pune where an Ola S1 caught fire in the middle of a busy street. While Ola released a statement that the incident was under investigation, it appears the nightmare is not over for the manufacturer. A recent tweet from an Ola S1 user highlighted another dreadful issue that ultimately forced him to sell the scooter. A life-threatening software glitch in his unit’s inverted mode.

The user who goes by the name themangofellow on Twitter recounted his ordeal in a series of tweets where he explained how the scooter went into reverse mode without warning, which led to him falling with minor injuries. “One day there was a random car parked in the middle of the road. I just pulled the scooter back and it activated reverse mode. body n scooter’s. Luckily it wasn’t a main road very busy.. So I got away with it unscathed.. If it was a busy road like ORR, I’d probably be dead meat by now,” he said.

In addition to the dangerous incident, what followed was a very unpleasant experience with the manufacturer’s roadside assistance service. The issue that had been promised to be addressed within two hours was not addressed for the next two days. This was on top of the 7 minute wait time for help. Eventually the folks at the manufacturer picked up the scooter to fix the problem. After a week, when the scooter was returned, the user states that the scooter was not touched and no repairs were made. The problem seemed to be rooted in absolute miscommunication where the towing company picked up the wrong scooter to deliver. “I called customer service and they apologized saying they had to deliver another scooter and picked mine up instead. Their tow team, service team, callers are all outsourced to different agencies and they have no communication with each other,” he said.

After the scooter was finally repaired following a delay, the user said he was too scared to take the scooter back. “I didn’t have the guts to use it again. That activating reverse mode when you accelerate is a potential killer. What if it happens when my wife and kid are riding. I really couldn’t muster brave enough to get on the scooter again. I sold it to my cousin”

After investigating further, we discovered that the issue arose a few days after uploading a video to YouTube where an owner lay the scooter on its side to check the top speed in reverse mode. The results were shocking as the scooter effortlessly sped through triple digit speeds. It should be noted that many of the controls and features of Ola S1 Pro are operated using built-in software, which may be updated from time to time, just like a smartphone.

While the features of a software-controlled vehicle may seem modern, it also comes with a host of dangers. The Ola S1 Pro suddenly going into reverse mode at high speed is a prime example.

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