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The merchant vessel JSW Mihirgad, a 122-meter-long vessel, safely entered the port of New Mangalore in the wee hours of Saturday, thanks to the timely assistance of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG). The merchant store suffered a blackout on its maiden voyage from Kochi, Kerala, to Jaigarh, Rajasthan, leaving it dead in the water.

Equipped with 14 crew members, on Thursday the ship suffered the failure of three diesel alternators, next to that it is an emergency generator. This required the ship to drop anchor about 4.5 nautical miles off Kasargod, Kerala, and issue a distress call. In the absence of propulsion, lighting, ventilation, caused by a total power failure, the crew could not prepare food or water either thanks to their on-board systems.

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Based on this information, the ICG district headquarters in New Mangalore conducted a situation assessment for the safe boarding of the technical team from M / s Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL), who built vessel.

However, due to the unfavorable sea conditions with the strong swell, the use of boats was excluded and helicopters were considered a safe option.

On Friday, the ICG CG 817 helicopter airlifted delegated technical staff from New Mangalore to assist and make repairs to the vessel. ICGS Varaha, which was in the area, was also deployed immediately on Friday to monitor the situation and provide towing assistance, in case the vessel begins to drift toward shore, due to bad weather.

In addition to constantly monitoring the vessel through its coastal safety network, the ICG team that boarded the ship corrected the technical issue, saving 14 lives and averting a potential environmental disaster.

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