Latvian Cargo Park on the Isle of Man


CEG Orbit crashed on Irish Sea beach (Isle of Man Coast Guard)

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The maritime executive

[Brief] Resident of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, flocked to the beach yesterday to witness an unusual spectacle, a small cargo ship registered in Latvia ran aground overnight in the north of the island. According to all reports, the 32-year-old ship became a popular tourist attraction on the beach and on social media during the day.

The 1,260 dwt CEG orbit was traveling from Liverpool to Belfast when, on the night of August 26, the ship struck the beach. The Isle of Man Coast Guard said they were first notified of the incident at 2:15 a.m. local time on Thursday morning.

The Coast Guard said it was a difficult situation as the 210-foot-long vessel came ashore at high tide, placing it firmly on the beach. There was no indication of damage to the ship, but they cordoned off part of the beach to keep onlookers away.

A local excavation company put one of their excavators on the beach to help clear rocks and a channel to the ocean while a local Laxey Towing Company tug was joined by a second tug from Liverpool .

Attempts to refloat the vessel failed during the afternoon high tide, but the tugs made a second attempt at overnight high tide. They managed to refloat the freighter approximately 24 hours after it ran aground. The vessel was moved to Douglas Wharf on the Isle of Man for divers to undertake an inspection.

(photo of the ports of the Isle of Man)

(Photo by Paul Carey and sons)

The freighter was refloated overnight at high tide (photo by Paul Carey & Sons)

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