Jet skiers rescued from Stert Island by Burnham RNLI after being stranded


Two jet skiers were rescued by Burnham-On-Sea RNLI after they ran aground off Stert Island in dizzying temperatures.

Alex Lela and a friend from Bristol were visiting Burnham on Monday July 19 when their jet ski broke down on the hottest day of the year so far, leaving them drifting to the north end of the island.

Burnham-On-Sea RNLI was called in to assist them at 4:20 p.m. as temperatures reached 31 ° C (87.8 ° F) during the ongoing heatwave.

Alex told “We were enjoying the good weather, the jet ski in the canal, when the propeller hit something in the shallow water off Stert Island and the engine stalled, leaving us stranded. “

“A friend sounded the alarm to the Coast Guard and we were relieved that the lifeboat was able to arrive quickly in about 10 to 15 minutes. We are grateful for their help.

The Burnham-On-Sea Class D lifeboat ‘Burnham Reach’ was launched from Burnham Beach and headed for the distressed jet ski.

The two occupants were taken aboard the lifeboat while an RNLI crew member boarded the jet ski during towing to Burnham Beach.

Lifeboat coxswain Tim Walters added: “Apparently they ran aground and the engine stalled. Unable to restart it, they risked being taken to sea. They were very happy to see us.

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