Jamaica Ports Authority’s New Utility Vessel Damen 3911 Arrives


The first of Damen Shipyard’s new class of utility (UV) class 3911 sailed across the Atlantic to Jamaica. After a period of training and commissioning, the vessel will begin operations for its owner, the Jamaica Ports Authority (PAJAM). The Damen utility vessel range offers versatile, state-of-the-art solutions capable of tackling a wide range of tasks both inland and at sea thanks to its large, unobstructed deck space and spacious accommodations that can accommodate welcome both the crew and the work teams.

The 39-meter UV 3911 for PAJAM has been fitted with a package that optimizes it to undertake maintenance support operations in ports managed by the authority, which include four cruise terminals and three container / cargo terminals public. One of its main roles will be the laying and maintenance of buoys, which is why it has been designed and equipped with a dynamic positioning system and a deck crane. It also has a chain locker below deck where the mooring chain can be stored and is designed for excellent stability to cope with the weight of the chain and other equipment it will carry on its various missions.

Other equipment installed on board includes a 5 ton A-frame, which will also be used to lift the buoys, and a towing winch operated from the deck with a pulling force of 10 tons at 10 m / min. This, combined with the 18 tons of traction the ship generates with its propulsion system, gives it the ability to tow small items. Up to 20 people can be accommodated in comfort and safety.

The hull was built at Safe Shipyards in Gdansk, Poland under strict coronavirus conditions before being towed to Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam for fitting out. This took place as part of the second lockdown, but careful logistical planning ensured that there was no delay on schedule despite the robust security measures in place.

UV 3911 Jamaica

“The recent sea trials in the North Sea and at Haringvliet have been exceptionally successful and completed faster than expected due to the ship’s outstanding performance,” said Jeroen van den Berg, Commercial Director at Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam. “This is in part due to Damen Maaskant’s many years of experience, supported by his team of local and dedicated contractors, in equipping vessels of all types. “

A new addition to the portfolio

Damen’s current standard UV portfolio consists of five vessels ranging from 27 to 65 meters in length. The 3911 adds a new mid-size option that will be attractive to a wide range of marine service operators. Additional roles for which it is ideal include aquaculture, offshore energy support, diving support, research, pile driving and other civil engineering support, and lighthouse maintenance. Another is environmental response operations, including oil recovery. For the latter, floating tanks and a bulk skimmer can be quickly connected when needed, then stored ashore on standby when the vessel undertakes other tasks.

Damen has worked with PAJAM since the 1990s. During this period, the Port Authority had taken delivery of two Stan Tugs 2909 and two Pilot Vessels 1605, before returning for the new Utility Vessel 3911.
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