Flashback 1971: Dramatic rescue of amateur fishermen in heavy seas | Port Macquarie News


Two amateur fishermen spending the Christmas and New Years holidays in Port Macquarie narrowly missed drowning in front of the Hastings River Bass on Tuesday while their 16-footer. luxury boat was submerged by strong waves in a dangerous and rough sea. Their mishap and subsequent rescue was witnessed by hundreds of vacationers lining the breakwater, Town Beach and the heads leading to Flagstaff Point. This “rostrum drama” also had the distinction of being the third serious sea rescue to take place near the city’s dangerous harbor bar in a week. The two survivors of the last saga were Lindsay Dunbar and Peter Allan from the Sydney area. Mr Dunbar’s wife watched the incident take place from land and frantically sounded the rescue alarm along with a number of other “marine scanners”, some of which were armed with glasses. Luckily for the two men, they were rescued by another fishing boat after spending only 15 minutes at sea. Their rescuers were two men from Port Macquarie, Barry Bennett and Burnie O’Brien, who were also returning to the days of ‘a deep sea fishing trip in their “Solo” boat. The Carnival of the Pines jet rescue team arrived at the scene shortly after the two were pulled out of the water. He had to spend two more hours in rough seas to help retrieve and tow the waterlogged boat the visiting fishermen had been submerged in. Another unidentified boat also participated in this part of the operation. After being brought back to shore, Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Allan thanked their rescuers from the bottom of their hearts. Another “closed door” meeting of Port Macquarie City Council held on December 7 decided to spend $ 70,000 to rebuild the City Library on its current site with extensions in the current parking lot behind. When news of this “secret” development broke late last week, an urgent meeting of the Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce management committee was held to discuss the matter as being of the utmost urgency. . The assembly decided to call on the council to “stay in control” of the project and to participate in a joint investigation with the chamber to find a more suitable alternative site. The main criticism of the chamber was that the council was acting contrary to previous commitments made to the chamber that the entire Clarence Street site would continue to be dedicated to parking for Horton Street shoppers. The mayor, Ald. CC Adams, countered a confrontation by announcing that only about 1,000 square feet of land behind the existing library would be lost for parking. Port Macquarie Marine Park’s porpoise pool is taking shape. The outlines of the new entertainment map are now visible as construction progresses. The swimming pool is expected to become a major vacation attraction for the thousands of visitors who come to town each year. Last week, the Telegraph Point Tavern got the distinction of being the first of its kind to be opened in the state. Port Macquarie is to have its own tavern in early 1972.



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