Experts call for more sea fishing

To increase fish production, experts called for more sea fishing and stressed formulating an effective action plan for this purpose.

“Although there is a lot of potential, we cannot fish on the high seas. We have to overcome our limitations in this case,” Fisheries and Livestock Secretary Mohammad Yamin Chowdhury said.

“The focus should be on formulating an appropriate action plan for sea fishing. This will increase production and export opportunities,” he told a party workshop on Sunday. fisheries stakeholders in the conference room of the National Economic Council (NEC) of the Planning Commission.

Speaking at the workshop as the chief guest, Planning Division Secretary Pradip Ranjan Chakraborty said, “The action plan should be annual and projects should be developed accordingly.”

Bangladesh ranks 3rd in inland fish production, 5th in aquaculture and 11th in marine fish production.

“If there is any deficit in the action plan, it should be given importance. We need to focus on it urgently,” said Mamun-Al-Rashid, a member of the Physical Infrastructure Division. of the Planning Commission, which is chairing the workshop.

Professor Sadiqul Islam called for more emphasis on deep sea fishing and said: “There is a strong demand for our fish outside the country and we should pay more attention to exports.”

He said the big problem in inland fisheries is poor feed quality. Subsidies should be given if necessary to improve quality.

Kh Mahbubul Haque, director general of the fisheries department, said: “There is no point in developing industries that lack resources. The government attaches the utmost importance to fish in general, and to sea fishing in particular as well.

Dr Yahia Mahmud, Director General of the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI), said: “Despite plans to increase fish production, farmers are not getting the necessary assistance. Currently, the price fish feed is very high and if you can’t provide farmers with feed at a lower price, disaster is imminent.”

Dr. Sirajul Islam, Fisheries Expert and Treasurer of Mawlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology, gave a keynote presentation at the event.

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