Big Oil and Orange County Republican Michelle Steel


For the publisher: As I read horrific story after story about the ecological disaster unfolding on our coastline and in our wetlands due to yet another “leak” or “spill”, I see Rep. Michelle Steel (R-Seal Beach ) sent a letter to President Biden asking for federal disaster assistance.

Has anyone bothered to check their official government website? On Wednesday, the photo she uses to illustrate her “Energy and Environment” section shows an oil rig blocking the setting sun over the ocean.

Steel must be held responsible for its reckless support for the Trump program, which includes more offshore drilling. Disaster relief is a temporary dressing for an environmental calamity that will kill marine life for decades.

Michael J. Harley, Laguna Niguel


For the publisher: This oil spill is straining people who are bad at math.

The current spill is equivalent to about 10 pools of oil. This should hardly elicit relentless criticism from The Times or a headline about oil ruining another coastline.

Crude oil is an organic compound and can be processed with some effort. The coastline will not be ruined.

Robert Rex, Calabasas


For the publisher: This oil spill is not the first to have damaged our coastline, and it will probably not be the last. We have to ask ourselves why this continues to happen.

Is it because we continue to buy gasoline cars and trucks? Is it because we buy products from all over the world and elect people who don’t care about the environment? If so, we deserve some of the blame.

If we are truly disgusted with this spill, we should look to ourselves to solve the problem. We need to become responsible consumers and elect politicians who care about the environment and are not beholden to big business.

We must all be part of protecting the planet so that it does not become inhospitable to all living things.

Linda Shabsin, Diamond Bar


For the publisher: Seeing the front page photo on Tuesday of the cleaning crews at Huntington Beach immediately reminded me of Jean Francois Millet’s beautiful painting “The Gleaners”.

How different our world is today.

Arlene Roupinian, Rancho Palos Verdes

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