Austal is bagging $230.5 million to design and build

Austal USA has been awarded a $230.5 million contract for the detailed design and construction of EPF 16, the Navy’s newest expeditionary fast transport vessel (EPF).

Austal USA has so far delivered 12 EPFs. Three additional EPFs are currently under construction.

“ETHs have demonstrated their operational capability to carry out a variety of missions, including humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, maritime security, surveillance, command and control, and counter-narcotics missions in the The inherent versatility of the EPF design allows its mission to be tailored to the needs of each geographical fleet command and combatant commander,” Austal said.

“Like previously delivered EPFs, EPF 16 will benefit from the serial production of this program, which will not only result in a world-class ship, but also provide assurance to the United States Navy that the capability will be delivered within the on time and on schedule,” Austal said. President of the United States rusty murdaugh. “Our reputation for quality is a direct reflection of the commitment and dedication of our talented shipbuilders and suppliers.”

EPF 16 will be the third ship built in the Flight II configuration.

“Flight II ships will enhance the original Spearhead-class capabilities through the incorporation of reconfigurable spaces for operating rooms and post-surgical recovery efforts. Combined with the ship’s flight deck which is capable of landing V-22 aircraft, the Flight II ships offer unparalleled versatility,” says Austal USA.

Construction of EPF 16 is expected to begin later this year with delivery scheduled for 2025.

Austal USA is currently under contract to build additional EPFs, the independent-variant Littoral gunship, and Navajo-class tow, salvage, and salvage (T-ATS) vessels and supports the Navy’s unmanned vessel programs taking advantage of its advanced machinery control system.

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