Active duty Marine based at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County arrested on federal charges alleging cyberstalking of young women in sextortion campaign

February 9, 2022 – LOS ANGELES – An active duty Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton was arrested Tuesday for cyberstalking several young women with ties to his former hometown of Torrance in a “sextortion” campaign.

Johao Miguel Chavarri, 25, of Oceanside, is scheduled to make his first appearance this afternoon in United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles.

According to the unsealed criminal complaint following his arrest, from 2019 to 2021, Chavarri, using the online pseudonym “Michael Frito”, created and used numerous online accounts to repeatedly stalk, harass and threaten women. who would not give in to his demands. , among other things, they send her nude, sexually explicit, or otherwise compromising photos and videos of themselves. This type of behavior is commonly referred to as sextortion. According to the complaint, in some cases, his claims of cyberstalking, threats and sextortion continued for more than a year.

Chavarri’s harassment and extortion threats and victims’ demands generally followed a pattern described in the complaint’s affidavit. In some cases, he reportedly demanded that victims provide him with sex photos or videos of themselves, or photos or videos of their feet. In other cases, he demanded that they respond to him and communicate with him online.

According to the complaint, Chavarri repeatedly threatened that if his victims refused to comply with his demands, he would post sexually explicit photos and videos of the victims online or on well-known porn websites. He also reportedly threatened to distribute the photos or videos to boyfriends, friends, families or employers of the victims, whom he often identified by name.

According to the complaint, a message sent by Chavarri to several victims via Instagram stated that he would spend “his entire life ruining” their lives. Chavarri also allegedly created fake social media accounts imitating some of the victims’ names and sent harassing messages to some of the victims’ friends and family members.

A criminal complaint contains allegations that an accused has committed a crime. Any defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court.

Chavarri is accused of harassment. If convicted, he faces a maximum statutory sentence of five years in federal prison.

The FBI is investigating the case, with the help of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Anyone who believes they may be a victim in this case or knows of a victim in this case is urged to contact the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, which can be reached 24 hours a day at (310) 477-6565.

Assistant United States Attorney Lauren Restrepo of the Cybercrimes and Intellectual Property Section and Senior Justice Department Prosecutor Mona Sedky of the Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division, are pursuing the case.
Source: DOJ Press Release

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