02 Indian crew members admitted to hospital


COLOMBO (News 1st): Two Indian crew members of the distressed MV “X-PRESS PEARL” have been admitted to Colombo National Hospital.

The two injured Indian nationals were admitted this morning (May 25), Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa, head nurse at Colombo National Hospital, told News 1st on Tuesday (May 25).

An explosion was reported from inside the MV X-PRESS PEARL on Tuesday morning (May 25), and all 25 crew members were safely evacuated from the ship, the Navy spokesman told News 1st.

The distressed container ship was piloted by a crew of 25, who are Filipino, Chinese, Indian and Russian nationals.

In addition, the Sri Lankan authorities have decided to move the MV “X-PRESS PEARL” further 50 nautical miles from the port of Colombo to the deep seas in order to avoid destruction of the marine environment.

The Sri Lanka Air Force deployed the Bell 212 to lay dry powder on the ship after an explosion was reported early Tuesday (25) morning.

03 SLPA tugs were used to reduce the heat in the area surrounding the containers.

In addition, the Sri Lankan ship Sindurala and a rapid attack craft have been deployed to aid the ongoing firefighting efforts.

Meanwhile, several cargo containers aboard the distressed MV “X-PRESS PEARL” have fallen in Sri Lankan waters, the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) said.

“According to the information we received around 6.30am today (May 25th), there are EIGHT (08) cargo containers that fell into the waters of the sea. With the exception of one container, the rest were submerged, ”Marine Environment Protection Authority chairman Dharshani Lahandapura told News 1st Tuesday May 25th.

As a result, the President of MEPA STRONGLY ADVISED that people refrain from visiting neighboring sea areas.

The Singapore-flagged vessel had carried 1,486 containers containing 25 tonnes of nitric acid, several other chemicals and cosmetics; it had left the port of Hazira in India on May 15, 2021.

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