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Pandoy has a business idea that is sure to work and is eager to start his business, but what he lacks is the capital needed to start. He thinks that credit opportunities are only given to large companies and that there are no programs that can help him.

There are many Chileans who share Pandoy’s thinking but in this post they will learn a little more about the different programs that offer financing options to small entrepreneurs.


Business loan credit to micro and small businesses

business loan

The Business loan was created by the Corporation for the Promotion of Production to provide financing to small and micro-entrepreneurs that generate sales in the production of goods and services not exceeding UF 25,000.
The Business loan provides up to UF 5,000 (approximately 105 million Chilean pesos) in a maximum term of 120 months. The loan is granted through non-bank institutions that have Business loan resources such as Cooprich, Blue-Green Cooperative, Lara Les Andreas, Cooperative Financecoop, Cooperative Coopmind, among others.

To apply, you can contact the institutions that operate Business loan resources and, after comparing what are the conditions of each one, choose the one that best suits your business. Once the necessary documents have been provided, the applicant’s credit history will be evaluated to determine if he is a subject of credit.


FOSIS I Entrepreneurship Program

business loan

The Solidarity and Social Investment Fund created the Yo Emprendo program to train and provide initial capital to Chileans who have a business idea or are already in operation. What they offer is training is finance, advice and capital to start or strengthen the business.


FNDR Capital Seed Companies Program

business loan

Created by Sarcatec, this program between a support that varies between 3 million and 6 million Chilean pesos to micro and small entrepreneurs to start or strengthen their business through the creation of projects. Among the requirements to apply is having more than 12 months of operation. When accessing this credit, employers must also access a co-financing equivalent to at least 20% of the amount granted by Sarcatec.

In January 2015, Sarcatec launched new support programs for micro and small entrepreneurs, including Capital Semilla Emprende (offering support of up to $ 3.5 million), Capital Abeja Emprende (aimed at women entrepreneurs) and Business Improvement.

Now, both Pandoy and other Chileans with a fantastic business idea or with a micro-enterprise that can grow, can opt for the program that suits them best and continue on their path to success.

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